What is gambling on the blockchain?


The blockchain has completely transformed onlinegambling as we know it. In the grand scheme of things, online gambling has evolved into a huge money making industry. This has sparked some safety concerns for those who are gambling with the big bucks. However, gambling on the blockchain means that the whole process is made increasingly more secure and transparent.

The blockchain explained

A blockchain is a known as an electronic ledger that allows for the transactions made by Bitcoin users, or any other cryptocurrency users, to be publically recorded. In other terms, anyone who needs to see these transactions can easily view them in an organised, chronological document. The blockchain is a peer-to-peer system. This means that all connected computers are able to add information to the ledger in a secure manner before it’s published. This allows for transaction information to be made available without any third-party interference.

The benefits of using the blockchain

Many people are starting to consider gambling on the blockchain the next step for online gaming. What makes the blockchain unique is that once it has been published it’s extremely hard to edit or remove. In addition to this, in an instance where someone would like to add information to the blockchain all the other users can verify the transaction information using evaluative algorithms. This makes the blockchain credible and safe because a number of different parties need to verify the transaction information before it is approved. This means that gambling on the blockchain has the potential to make online gaming the safest it has ever been.

Why is the blockchain revolutionary?

Safety and ease of use has always been a concern for online gamers, regardless of whether any blockchains are in the equation. However, the blockchain has improved too many aspects of online gaming to be ignored. It has instilled trust in the gambling community by decentralising transaction verification and information. It has also allowed for security to be more blatant and tighter. As a result of the growing use of blockchains there are a number of companies such as VDice and Firtstblood who have started to reap the benefits of being blockchain hosts.


Ultimately, gambling on the blockchain is the future of online gaming. Apps that make use of blockchains have started to make millions of dollars. This makes it much easier for peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges to take place easily and safely. Any online gamer should definitely consider learning more about gambling on the blockchain and putting it to use.